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Slip and Fall Accidents

Three Places Prone to Slip & Falls

It’s a world of hazards out there. How do we do it? How do we go about our business, as busy as we are, and manage to avoid all of the things that can take us down? Who hasn’t walked on a sidewalk and tripped at least once on uneven concrete slabs? Who hasn’t skidded at least once on a slippery surface?

Somehow we manage to get through most days without tripping and falling but on occasion, the inanimate objects in our lives can sneak up on us and do us harm. The times when you’re the busiest is when you should take extra precautions, even in the familiar and comfortable places you visit every day. Whether on your own property — or at grandma’s house — you need to be cautious to avoid serious injury.

Remember these places next time you’re busy and rushed

  • Grocery or Department Stores: You’ve been in the store a million times, shopping for groceries or looking for just the right outfit to wear for a party. You know that sign cautioning you to be careful and watch for the slippery surface? Listen to it. And when there’s no sign, be cautious of fixtures not placed correctly or hangers sticking out or boxes thrown around haphazardly. In the grocery store there’s always the possibly that an orange has made its way onto the floor, waiting for someone to trip over it.
  • Uneven Surfaces: Back to the sidewalks. There perhaps is no other place begging for serious injury than an uneven walkway, which seems to rise up when you lease expect.
  • Ramps: Depending on the grade, a ramp can be difficult to negotiate, whether you’re going up or down.

To avoid injury, be mindful of your surroundings. But if an accident should happen, be sure to consult a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney. You may not be able to avoid the slip and fall, but through a personal injury attorney from the Florida Injury Law Group who knows the ins and outs of physical injury cases, you’ll be able to get the money deserved for your injuries so you can get back to health as quickly as possible.

If you believe you’ve suffered a personal injury in Fort Lauderdale or need representation because of a slip and fall injury in a store or parking lot contact the Florida Injury Law Group to speak to a Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney.