What to Bring to Your Consultation

If you are scheduled to meet with one of the experienced Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury attorneys at the Florida Injury Law Group, you should bring with you any documents that might be relevant to your case, including:

  • Driver’s License
  • Automobile insurance card
  • Health insurance card
  • Police reports
  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers of any eyewitness to the accident and anyone who might have information regarding your accident
  • Names, addresses, telephone numbers of all treating health care facilities and providers that you have seen since your accident
  • Names, address, telephone number of you current employer
  • Copies of your medical reports and bills from doctors and hospitals
  • Name, address, telephone number of the person/business who caused your accident
  • Insurance information for the person/business that caused your accident
  • Photographs you have of the accident scene, your property damage and your injuries

If you have any further questions about your consultation and would like to speak to one of our Fort Lauderdale Attorneys, please call us or contact us here.