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The Do’s and Don’ts of Entering the Interstate

Driving on an interstate highway requires a lot of attention and sometimes even some skill. When merging onto the interstate, some approaching cars follow the law and move over — though most are oblivious to the entering cars and remain in the outside lane instead of moving over.

In part, these oblivious drivers can cause horrible auto accidents — although other actions can lead to horrific car accidents, such as merging too slowly or too fast, merging into other cars or not paying attention to blind spots.

Enter At Your Own Risk:

  • Accelerate as Your Merge – The merge channel is designed to let you merge onto an interstate safely — although the key is knowing how to use it properly. As soon as you enter the ramp, accelerate and use your blinker. Graduate your speed to match the vehicles that are already on the highway before moving into another lane. Without stopping. Wait for a free spot to open where you can fit your car comfortably into the space. Driving too slowly on the on ramp can cause an auto accident — while merging too fast can also cause an auto accident on I-95.
  • Cross Over One Lane at a Time – Do not attempt to cross over four lanes of traffic all at once, even when the roads seem empty. Your car has blind spots that prevent you from seeing other cars when merging. Always be sure to use all mirrors before crossing and look over your shoulder just to make sure no one is there.
  • Use Your Blinker – This tip cannot be stressed enough! Always use your blinkers! When changing lanes, merging or exiting — the use of blinkers are how other drivers know you are about to make a move. Your exit or entering may require them to make a move of some kind or they may hold off from merging lanes themselves if they see your blinker on. Not alerting other cars — by using your blinker — to your next move may cause an auto accident on I-95 that could have been avoided.

Fort Lauderdale auto accidents on I-95, I-595 and the turnpike are unfortunately an everyday event. Many involve multi-car collisions and trailer accidents due to the heavy traffic typically on these roads. It remains important that you are fully aware at all times of your surroundings on the interstate and remember that there are other drivers that depend on you to be safe too.

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