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Drink And Driving

Staying Safe During Holiday Traffic

On an average day, 41% of auto accident deaths are related to alcohol. Unfortunately, this already alarming number increases by over 10% during the holiday season. Alcohol related fatalities become more the rule than the exception during seasonal holidays.

From holiday parties to evenings with the family — where a drink might seem needed totake the edge off — tis’ the season to imbibe in some eggnog or a few glasses of wine. During this time of year, however, it is crucial to watch what you drink and how much you drink. It’s a good time of year to designate a driver when you know you will be enjoying a few holiday cocktails.

There are simple tips and measures you can take to ensure that you and your family enjoy a safe and happy holiday — whether you plan to be on the road on vacation or simply staying close to home.

  • Monitor Alcohol Consumption: This is easier said than done when the eggnog and rum breaks out around you. However, monitoring the number of cups you throw back is important to keeping you, your loved ones and everyone else on the road safe. If you want to have more than one or two spread over a few hours — find someone else to drive home or stay the night where you are. It’s better than waking up the next day in a jail cell or even worse finding out that you took away someone’s Christmas this year.
  • Be Aware of Others: Sometimes you are not the one you need to worry about when driving on the road — it could be the drivers around you. Watch for signs of drunk driving, when on the interstate drive in the middle lanes when possible to avoid those who are merging lanes and those who think they are on a speedway. Look twice before crossing the road or switching lanes and most of all look for those on motorcycles.
  • Be Alert: At all times. Don’t let your family distract you from driving. Keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes paying attention to the road. If you are travelling by car for a long period of time it’s advisable to have someone as your backup driver, but if you are the only one that can drive, stop frequently and schedule a couple of hours for sleep.

Drunk driving accidents in Fort Lauderdale are increasingly common during the holidays. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. Although it may not be you that causes a fatality this holiday season — you may not even drink — you must watch out for those that do and report suspicious or hazardous driving.

If you or your loved ones become a victim of drunk driving in Ft Lauderdale, hire a Florida Injury Law Group personal injury attorney to help you with your case. It is common to sustain injuries from accidents that involve drinking and driving — having a Ft. Lauderdale auto accident and personal injury attorney on your side is crucial to getting the settlement you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Stay Alive! Don’t Drink & Drive!