Safe Boating

3 Ways To Practice Safe Boating

While safety should be your first priority when you go out on the water — sadly, it is often the last —taking a back seat to the fun and thrills of being on the ocean or lake. Who wants to get bogged down with safety issues when it’s a free day without no work and…


Drink And Driving

Staying Safe During Holiday Traffic

On an average day, 41% of auto accident deaths are related to alcohol. Unfortunately, this already alarming number increases by over 10% during the holiday season. Alcohol related fatalities become more the rule than the exception during seasonal holidays. From holiday parties to evenings with the family — where a drink might seem needed totake the…


Parking Lot

Avoid These Holiday Parking Lot Hazards

The holiday season can be a hectic time of year — you’re moving faster, your kids are moving faster, holiday signs and symbols vie for your attention everywhere and your head spins with the to-do lists. The top priority on your to-do list is probably buying presents for all of your family and friends, which…


Riding Bikes

National Bike Month: Ride to Stay Fit and Productive

Bicycles are a passion with children and a very healthy mode of transportation for adults. In my childhood days, I remember pestering my parents to buy me a bike as soon as I knew what a bike was. I took the bike and started riding on the wrong side of the road without a helmet…