child in front seat

How Long Should My Child Avoid the Front Seat?

The best way to keep your school-age child safe in the car is by using a booster seat and seat belts. But at some point they will outgrow this special seat and be able to sit in a regular car seat. This will be a growth milestone for your child  — and a safety nightmare…


two children

Baby Product Recalls: Staying Informed

With new items appearing daily on the market, how does one keep up with old ones, as well as new ones? Below are some tips to help you keep your children safe by staying informed with product recalls. News Feed Alerts: Set up your email and RSS feed to alert you of all baby recalls…


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How To Keep Your Baby Safe

A parent’s main concern is and always should be keeping their baby safe. It is frightening to discover that an item purchased for your baby turns out to be a defective or dangerous product that has been recalled. The last way anyone wants to find out about a product recall is because of an accident —…