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Baby Product Recalls: Staying Informed

With new items appearing daily on the market, how does one keep up with old ones, as well as new ones? Below are some tips to help you keep your children safe by staying informed with product recalls.

  • News Feed Alerts: Set up your email and RSS feed to alert you of all baby recalls
  • Google it: Checking for a specific product?  Google will bring up everything related
  • Kindle it: Subscribe for your kindle but check to see who charges and who does not
  • Utilize Facebook & Twitter: ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ baby recall bloggers and posters
  • Smartphone Applications: There are now recall apps for iPhone, Android and Facebook

Designed and developed by parents of young children, Recalls Plus will monitor recalls on your children’s items. You can browse the nationwide list of recalls reported by top government agencies and it will also send alerts when a related recall relates to one of the products or food allergens you have listed. Features of the Recalls Plus app include Checklists by Age, Add Any Product and Track Foods.

Websites & Blogs: Add yourself to specific newsletters from product recall sites.

Recalls From The U.S. Government:

Mommy Bloggers and Parenting Websites: