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Fort Lauderdale Product Liability Attorney

The Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys at the Florida Injury Law Group have assisted numerous individuals injured in Florida every year from the use of defective products. Some of those products may have been defectively manufactured; such as medicine contaminated by a dangerous ingredient or a household appliance shipped from the manufacturer without a necessary part.

Other products may have been defective in design — manufactured precisely according to specifications, where the specifications themselves led to an unreasonably dangerous product. An example might be cribs with slats that allow a child’s head to slide between them and get stuck. In addition, some products may not have been accompanied by proper warnings about non-obvious dangers related to their use.

Inadequate warnings may also render products defective in the eyes of the law. For example, a drug that was not accompanied by warnings about potential serious side effects or negative interactions with other medications — when such warnings would have been warranted — would be considered a defective drug. Product Liability cases can be quite complex, and usually require expert testimony as well as the services of an experienced Florida product liability attorney from the Florida Injury Law Group.

When people suffer severe injuries caused by a defective product, they may sue the product’s manufacturer, as well as all of the other parties — including sellers — involved in the distribution chain that ultimately brought the product to the injured party. As in other personal injury cases, they may seek compensation for both economic losses and non-economic harm, such as pain and suffering.

In Florida cases involving dangerous products, the individuals injured by those products generally do not have to prove that the manufacturers or distributors were negligent; only that the products themselves were unreasonably dangerous when used properly or in a foreseeable way. However, any evidence of negligence by the manufacturer or seller would strengthen an injured person’s claim to compensation.

When manufacturers discover that they have produced a defective product, they usually respond by recalling the product from the market. However, a recall effort does not put an end to the valid claims of people who are injured when they use the defective product.
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