Fort Lauderdale Birth Injury Attorney

While most people think of childbirth as a prelude to the joy of parenting, it is also a process during which complications may arise — especially in cases where a baby is particularly large, premature or is positioned abnormally at birth. In some cases, the medical response to those complications is negligent, whereas the services of an effective Fort Lauderdale birth injury attorney may become necessary.

Many complications or interventions they require from medical providers cause limited harm that resolves soon after the birth. However, in some cases, the negligence of the doctors or other medical care providers involved in the birth may cause severe injuries to the newborn. Those include cases of paralysis caused by torn nerves, Erb’s palsy (damage to an infant’s shoulder caused during childbirth, which may be permanent), and damage to the newborn’s brain.

If an infant suffers a birth injury caused by a medical provider’s negligent behavior, the parents or guardians of the infant may bring a personal injury suit on the infant’s behalf. In Florida, such a suit may be brought only during a limited time period following the birth. However, some time will pass before the full extent of the physical harm (and its resulting financial impact on the family) will become clear. Moreover, parents who are caring for a severely injured infant are usually consumed by the demands of that task, and not in a position to investigate and pursue a potential claim for compensation on their own.

If you are the parent of an infant who suffered a birth injury, and you believe that the injury was caused by the careless or unreasonable actions of a medical provider, you should enlist the help an experienced personal injury attorney.

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