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To Helmet or Not To Helmet: That is the Question?

Can you ride a motorcycle in Florida without a helmet? Yes — and no. While the law requires all motorcycle operators and riders to wear helmets, it does not apply to operators and riders over the age of 21 as long as the person has an insurance policy that provides for at least $10,000 in medical benefits. These benefits would apply to injuries from a motorcycle crash while operating or riding on a motorcycle.

The helmet law in Florida also does not apply to anyone 16 years or older operating a small, powered vehicle, such as a moped, which cannot go more than 30 miles per hour on level ground.

Helmet laws are different in each state. Michigan, for example, has repealed its helmet laws, citing a desire to increase tourism and the fact that helmeted riders don’t enjoy themselves as much and would be more likely to bypass any region that mandates headgear.

We all know the reasons for not being helmeted. You can enjoy the breeze, see more of the landscape and generally be unfettered as the wind takes your breath away. Most riders, in fact, view the helmet as something that eliminates a certain measure of freedom.

So the question becomes, if you are over a certain age, should you wear a helmet in Florida?

It would be best to follow your gut and, even better, to listen to the statistics: Helmeted motorcycle riders and operators sustain the least number of serious injuries. In most Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accidents, a helmet and safety gear is the difference between life and death. It’s not just the motorcyclist that you need to worry about— it’s the other drivers who are pre-occupied with other things while driving.

A Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney can help you in the event of a motorcycle accident. If you have questions about motorcycle helmet use, or if you or someone you know has been in a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident, contact a Ft Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney from the Florida Injury Law Group today.

In the meantime, put your helmet on and concentrate on keeping you and your passengers injury free.