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Slip And Fall Accidents In Malls

The Mall May Cause a Slip & Fall: Be Careful of These Places

How many places can you think of where you may be going faster than usual and not paying attention to your surroundings? During the holiday season it is common for our minds to be rushing with thoughts of all we need to accomplish while out shopping for friends and family.

It’s inevitable — at some point, you won’t be looking in front of you — you may be distracted by a sign or a certain product display or a colorful new fashion that catches your eye. You could be thinking about work or all of the things on your to-do list, and where you’ve been and where you’re going ends up sending you in so many directions; you suddenly end up on the floor and wonder how it happened.

It could have happened because you were distracted or because there wasn’t proper signage of the wet floor you walked through. No matter what the cause: whether you were injured at Galleria Mall, or experienced an injury in the parking lot at Sawgrass Mills Mall, or get a Boca Town Center Mall injury, or experience a slip and fall at Publix, it is important to keep an eye on your surroundings, pay attention to the signage on the floors and be careful of the places that are prone to causing accidents.

Places Prone to Slip and Falls

  1. Food Court: Publix, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Winn Dixie are all popular places for spills and wet floors. Sometimes the store doesn’t know they are there or haven’t properly cautioned the area after the cleanup — leading to a slip and fall by customers. Walk carefully and look for wet spots on the floor.
  2. Parking Lots: A common place for accidents to happen. It’s easy to trip over parking bumpers when cutting through the parking lot, which can lead to serious injuries like a broken leg, arm, or spinal injury.
  3. Public Bathrooms: It’s easy to experience injuries in public bathrooms because these floors are often wet & slippery. Tissue and other materials discarded on the floor can also cause hazards.
  4. Elevators: Elevators can jerk you when you least expect or leave a space you’re not expecting when they bring you to your floor. Pay close attention when getting on and off the elevator to ensure you don’t trip over the gap.
  5. Escalators: These present problems in getting on and off; distractions, crowds of people or balancing an overload of shopping bags can set you off balance and make you trip.

As a personal injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale, I have seen many areas where people need to stay alert — it’s never a bad idea to take a moment during outings to collect yourself and look around. Know where the potential hazards lie and you’ll have a better and safer time when you venture out into the world.

Stay safe this season and if you find yourself injured in an accident of any kind we are here to serve you and help you put your life back together.