Fort Lauderdale Slip And Fall

Fort Lauderdale Slip & Fall Injury Attorney

Property owners and tenants in possession and control of a property are expected to maintain the property so that it is reasonably safe for any invited guests or customers. If a person slips, trips or falls and is injured on someone else’s property due to a dangerous condition the property owner knew or should have known about, the injured person may seek compensation from the owner. Our experienced Fort Lauderdale slip and fall attorney can play a key role in that effort.

Many factors contribute to the determination of liability (or legal responsibility) for a slip-and-fall incident. One factor is the injured person’s reason for being on the property: business invitees get more protection from the law than social guests do, while trespassers get very little protection and are least likely to succeed in a legal claim for compensation. Another factor is the nature of the hazard that led to the injury. Was it obvious? Could it have easily been eliminated or rendered less dangerous by the property owner? The actions of the property owner are another factor. Did the owner make reasonable inspections of his or her property? Did the owner take reasonable actions in seeking to eliminate the dangerous conditions or to warn visitors about any such conditions?

Another important consideration in slip and fall and trip and fall cases that involve injuries becomes the actions of the injured party. All of us are expected to act with reasonable care in our daily activities; if a person’s negligence caused another person’s injury, the fact that the negligence occurred on someone else’s property may be irrelevant. However, if both the injured party and the property owner acted negligently, the injured person may be able to receive at least partial compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages related to the injury.

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