Other Legal Cases

If you were injured by someone else’s intentional or negligent conduct, you may be able to get compensation for the harm that you suffered as a result. Negligence or intent to injure can take many forms, so you should discuss your particular circumstances with an experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney. Below are several other types of cases that we handle, in addition to those addressed separately on our other ‘Practice Area’ pages.

Animal Attacks (Dog Bites)

Each year, some Florida residents and visitors are injured by dog attacks. Tragically, victims of dog bites are usually injured children, whose injuries may be particularly severe because their smaller stature allows dogs to reach their heads or necks.

In Florida, the owner of a dog that bites and causes injuries is liable and legally responsible for the resulting medical bills and other damage related to the injuries. In some circumstances, owners of the property where the attack took place may be held responsible, even if the dog involved belonged to a tenant. Issues that may complicate a dog bite case include the nature and extent of insurance coverage available, and the need for competent proof of all the damages involved (including the cost of future care, the extent of related emotional trauma, disfigurement, etc.). If you or your child was injured as a result of a dog bite, the Fort Lauderdale dog bite attorneys at the Florida Injury Law Group are ready to help.

False Arrest

People who are illegally detained may seek compensation for any resulting harm that they suffer. This is true whether you were arrested by a police officer, detained by a security guard, or victimized by an illegal ‘citizen’s arrest.’ Victims of false arrest may lose wages or job prospects and suffer damage to their reputation or other negative consequences, including emotional trauma. If someone who claimed to have legal authority for his or her actions detained you without proper justification, please contact the Florida Injury Law Group.

Defamation and Libel

If someone makes false or misleading statements about you or your business, to someone other than yourself, and presents those statements as facts (rather than their opinion), you may be able to bring a claim of defamation (if spoken) or libel (if written or published). Defamation claims sometimes occur in the employment context, when an employer makes false and harmful statements about a current or former employee.

In Florida, where the law tries to strike a balance between protecting free speech and protecting people’s privacy and reputations, claims of defamation or libel may be quite complex. If you are committed to protecting your rights, you should discuss your case with a Ft Lauderdale defamation and libel attorneyContact us to discuss the particular details of your case; our initial consultation is free.

Unpaid Overtime

In Florida, if you are paid by the hour and work more than 40 hours during any one-week period, you may be entitled to overtime pay (generally 1.5 times your hourly pay). Some categories of employees are not protected by overtime rules; they include managers, professionals, administrators, and salespeople involved in outside sales. Even within such categories, however, there are some exceptions to the general rules. If you believe that your employer owes you unpaid overtime, please contact the Florida Injury Law Group. If your claim for overtime pay is successful, you may be able to get double the amount of overtime pay that you earned, and your employer may also pay your court costs and attorneys’ fees.

If you have any further questions or if you have been wronged or injured by someone else and would like to speak to one of our Fort Lauderdale Attorneys, please call us or contact us here.