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Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claims Attorneys

Many potential cases settle through negotiations with representatives of the responsible party’s insurance company, rather than through litigation. Individuals purchase their own insurance coverage in order to be protected when certain events occur. If they do suffer harm, they can file a claim with their own insurance company. These claims include hurricane damage claims, as well as claims related to exposure to toxic mold — addressed through homeowner’s insurance — and exposure to a variety of toxic substances, either at work or in other locations.

Unfortunately, not all claims are simple, and not all insurance companies respond promptly with full compensation. Individuals often benefit from having an expert Fort Lauderdale insurance claims attorney on their side when negotiating with an insurance company. The knowledgeable attorneys at the Florida Injury Law Group have experience dealing with insurance companies and are familiar with common insurance practices, the techniques companies use to limit the amount they have to pay, relevant insurance law and comparable outcomes in similar cases. Armed with such information, as well as with professional negotiation skills, a Fort Lauderdale insurance case attorney would be more likely to obtain a fast and thorough resolution on your behalf.

In addition, sometimes a person who faces liability for harm suffered by another finds that his or her insurance company fails to settle and, instead, chooses to go to trial to fight the injured party’s claim. In some cases, this strategy may expose the insured client to great financial liability if the injured party wins at trial. If the insurance company’s failure to settle was unreasonable under the circumstances, the insured client may be able to sue the company itself for bad faith failure to settle.

With years of experience previously representing insurance companies, our Fort Lauderdale insurance claims attorney has handled numerous complex personal injury cases and is well qualified to evaluate both insurance claims and insurance company responses. The attorneys, investigators, and support staff at the Florida Injury Law Group are dedicated to providing individuals with personalized and effective help in their dealings with insurance companies.

If you have any further questions regarding insurance claims or if you have been injured in an accident and would like to speak to one of our Ft Lauderdale insurance claim attorneys, please call us or contact us here.