Fort Lauderdale Mediation Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Mediation Attorney

Mediation resolves disputes between opposing parties without them having to resort to litigation. In mediation, opposite parties come together with a neutral third party — the mediator — who is usually an attorney. The goal of the Florida Injury Law Group’s Fort Lauderdale mediation attorney is to create an environment in which parties can fully present their versions of the dispute, explain their wishes, propose solutions and ultimately reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

The mediator usually meets jointly and also separately with all of the parties involved. The number of meetings depends on the number and complexity of the issues in dispute. During the separate meetings, our mediator might help each party identify the strengths and weaknesses of its own side of the dispute, as well as possible compromise solutions.

Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a mediator cannot impose a decision on the people involved. In addition, unlike a court battle, mediation does not require public disclosure; with very few exceptions, issues that are discussed during mediation remain private. Those two features combine to lower the level of stress for the people involved in the process.

Compared to litigation, mediation in Fort Lauderdale is a faster and cheaper way of dispute resolution that tends to take a lower psychological toll on the parties involved. Rather than seeking to establish a winner and a loser, mediation focuses on solving problems. Mediated settlements are often more creative and flexible than results achieved in court.

Fort Lauderdale Supreme Court-Certified Circuit Civil Mediators receive extensive training and mentorship during the certification process. As an experienced certified Circuit Civil Mediator, our Ft Lauderdale mediation attorney is well qualified to help clients reach successful solutions through the mediation process. If you are involved in a dispute in Palm Beach County, Broward County, or Sarasota County and would like to discuss the possibility of solving it through efficient and stress-reducing mediation, please contact our offices right away.

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