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People are frequently injured in accidents caused, at least in part, by someone else’s negligence. In such situations, Florida law allows victims to seek financial compensation for the resulting medical bills, for pain and suffering, for any wages lost as a result of the injury, and for any related property losses. An experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney can help a great deal in the effort of seeking compensation. In addition, people who have suffered injuries that may require ongoing, long-term treatment or who have been permanently impaired as a result of their injuries may seek compensation for future bills and anticipated losses.

This is true whether the injuries resulted from an auto accident or motorcycle accident; a bicycle, school bus, boat, or airplane accident; a train, taxi, or truck accident; or any other type of accident. The situation changes when an accident leads to a death: in such cases, either the surviving relatives or the estate of the person who died may bring a claim for what the law calls “wrongful death” –seeking financial compensation for the impact that the loss of their loved one has on their own lives.

More often than not, victims who have been injured in accidents, or family members of people killed in accidents, are contacted by representatives of insurance companies who are likely to be ultimately responsible for the payment of claims. Such representatives are trained to minimize the amount that their employers will have to pay. One way to minimize the ultimate payment is to rush victims into a premature settlement.

It is important, in such situations, for those injured, or their legal representatives, to have an equally well trained professional working on their behalf.  Attorneys at the Florida Injury Law Group have worked on behalf of insurance companies before choosing to work on behalf of injured individuals. Our Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorneys understand the goals, methods, and procedures that insurance companies use. Moreover, our attorneys have handled complicated personal injury cases and are particularly qualified to evaluate each case and offer practical and accurate advice to our clients, as our lawyers help them achieve the maximum recovery for the harm they have suffered.

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