Elder Abuse

Four Signs Your Loved One Might Be Being Abused

It’s an incredibly difficult fact of life that most of us will eventually face — placing an elderly loved one in a nursing home. And it’s even more painful facing the prospect that your loved could be abused in the nursing home. You feel certain you would catch the signs of abuse, but sometimes these…



Complications That Can Result from A Birth Injury

There’s no moment more exiting for parents than the birth of their child — a magical and happy moment as they welcome a new addition to their family. But childbirth is a very delicate process and sometimes it can cause injuries that will affect your baby for a lifetime. Complications caused by negligence or lack…


child in front seat

How Long Should My Child Avoid the Front Seat?

The best way to keep your school-age child safe in the car is by using a booster seat and seat belts. But at some point they will outgrow this special seat and be able to sit in a regular car seat. This will be a growth milestone for your child  — and a safety nightmare…


two children

Baby Product Recalls: Staying Informed

With new items appearing daily on the market, how does one keep up with old ones, as well as new ones? Below are some tips to help you keep your children safe by staying informed with product recalls. News Feed Alerts: Set up your email and RSS feed to alert you of all baby recalls…


baby biting on a wire

How To Keep Your Baby Safe

A parent’s main concern is and always should be keeping their baby safe. It is frightening to discover that an item purchased for your baby turns out to be a defective or dangerous product that has been recalled. The last way anyone wants to find out about a product recall is because of an accident —…


bike accident

Do you Know What to do After a Bike Accident?

When Ben, a high school, moved to South Florida three years ago, he started riding his bike to school. For the past couple of years, he never had anything more serious than a bruise on his knee when he fell while riding on the sidewalk. He always felt safe on his bike, until one day…



Bikers Beware

It’s a fact of life: cars must share the road with bicycles and they in turn must share the road with cars. Both have a responsibility to keep each other safe. The driver of a car should not pass a cyclist as though they do not exist — while cyclists on heavily traveled roads should…



Save Gas and Prevent Accidents with Your Tires

Your tires are four of the most important things on your vehicle — without them you go nowhere. If they are not properly maintained, you risk poor driving performance, paying out more for gasoline and being involved in an auto accident. Three things you should know about your tires: Pressure: is everything and knowing how…



The Do’s and Don’ts of Entering the Interstate

Driving on an interstate highway requires a lot of attention and sometimes even some skill. When merging onto the interstate, some approaching cars follow the law and move over — though most are oblivious to the entering cars and remain in the outside lane instead of moving over. In part, these oblivious drivers can cause…


construction cones

Avoid Auto Accidents in Construction Zones

It’s usually a good thing when your state ranks among the top three in a category, such as one of the best places to live or having the best beaches in the world. Unfortunately, highway statistics also play a role in rankings; whether the accident rate is high, for example. While Florida has the distinction…