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How much is my case worth?

This is one of the most difficult questions for our Ft Lauderdale personal injury attorneys to answer, as there are numerous variables that affect the ‘value’ of a case. However, whether your case involves an auto accident, truck accident, medical malpractice or a personal injury, the Florida Injury Law Group will work diligently to maximize the value of your claim.

Below are several variables which will affect the value of your case:


The first issue that our attorneys consider is liability, or who is at fault for the accident? It is important to know that an insurance company is only obligated to pay what the insured is legally liable for as a result of an accident. A ticket by itself is not evidence of 100% legal liability, therefore, in many instances the company may not have to pay for damages if their insured does not report the accident and cooperate in the investigation. There are many factors taken into consideration when evaluating liability claims and each situation is judged on its own merit.

Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence is a legal principle providing that the amount of a person’s recovery from an accident is determined by the percentage of their contribution to the accident. In Florida, the percentage of the individual’s negligence in the accident is usually subtracted from the amount they would otherwise recover, if the other person were 100% at fault. For example, generally a person 50% at fault can have his damages reduced by 50%.


Cases have value based on five areas, if the liability issue — who was at fault — is clear.

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases are entitled to five areas of damages:

Economic Damages
  1. Past medical bills
  2. Future medical bills
  3. Past lost wages
  4. Loss of future earning capacity
  5. Non-Economic / Human Damages
  6. Pain and suffering

There is no proven formula to determine exactly how much a case is worth. Ultimately, a case’s value ­depends on how the evidence comes in on a particular case. More specifically, whether or not there are any inconsistencies in testimony, medical records and other issues that would allow the insurance company’s lawyer to take away credibility from the injured party’s case.

Based on the track record of our Fort Lauderdale accident attorneys for trying cases in the State of Florida, the Florida Injury Law Group can determine at least a ‘range of value’ for most cases. Once the personal injury attorney who is working a case has been able to gather the medical records and bills and see how a client has progressed since the time of the injury, a determination of approximate value can be made.

Even with all that information, it is often very difficult to come up with an exact figure. Typically, a range of value based on our vast experience in handling these types of cases can be determined, once all the relevant information is gathered. For one of our Ft Lauderdale accident lawyers to make a statement about value before all such information is received would be irresponsible.

If you have any further questions or if you have been injured in an accident and would like to speak to one of our Fort Lauderdale Attorneys, please call us or contact us here.