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Did a Defective Car Cause the Auto Accident?

While it’s true that auto accidents are usually caused by driver error, there are accidents that are caused be a defective vehicle or vehicle parts. It’s one thing if the driver hits the gas accidentally instead of the brake; quite another if the brakes don’t work or if the gas pedal sticks.

Every year there are auto accident cases in Fort Lauderdale and Florida that involve defective seat belts or airbags — and yet other cases involving cars that are just plain unsafe. Defective automotive products may not make the front pages as often as accidents from driver error but they still cause serious accidents and injuries.

We’ve all heard about product recalls because of things like defective brakes, stuck steering mechanisms, defective tires that come apart or a roof caving in during a rollover. These recalls are issued so that the manufacturer can fix what’s wrong, but too often these recalls don’t become a matter of national attention until there has been a series of auto accidents involving the faulty part.

Another problem is that frequently the driver of the other car becomes the focus if there is injury and litigation in the aftermath of a serious car accident, bypassing the possibility that a defective car part could have been the culprit. Nonetheless, if you suspect a defective auto part may have been the reason for an accident you can still file a lawsuit without proving the manufacturer’s fault. If there was no accident you can still file a lawsuit based on the premise that injuries were caused by a defective auto part or a component of the vehicle that proved dangerous and lacked the proper warnings.

Defective can refer to a number of parts and components, such as:

  • Automotive designs that cause injury to a vehicle’s occupants
  • Automotive designs built into the vehicle that failed to ensure safety
  • Safety features that failed to work

Ft. Lauderdale auto accident attorneys are versed in all aspects of auto accidents, whether these were caused by a driver error or by a defective car part or unsafe vehicle. If you suspect that your car turned against you in an auto accident – or that there may be a defective part that could potentially cause an accident – contact an auto accident attorney to learn the details about what you’re entitled to.  Don’t wait for the steering wheel to fall off.

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