To Helmet or Not To Helmet: That is the Question?

Can you ride a motorcycle in Florida without a helmet? Yes — and no. While the law requires all motorcycle operators and riders to wear helmets, it does not apply to operators and riders over the age of 21 as long as the person has an insurance policy that provides for at least $10,000 in…


tired person driving

The Dangers of Driving Tired

Driving when you are tired affects your ability to drive safely — and falling asleep behind the wheel is more common among drivers than you think. A recent National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America poll found that 60 percent of adult drivers — over 170 million people — claim to have driven a vehicle while…


car mirror

Driving With Your Mirrors

You have a big windshield to look through as you drive but don’t put those blinders on to the rest of the world. Practicing good driving habits also means proper positioning and use of your mirrors inside and outside your vehicle. In other words, you’re not just looking ahead as you drive, but out to…


pedestrians crossing a street

Pedestrian Laws You Should Know

Pedestrian accidents usually occur when drivers aren’t paying attention. Cars can hurt people as easily as they can damage another car and, in some cases, cause critical or even fatal wounds if the vehicle is travelling fast enough upon impact. When driving it is always smart to remember some basic rules of the road and…