image of a car accident

New PIP Laws in Florida

Fort Lauderdale drivers have a new reason to be cautious when heading out on the road as of January 1st — when an overhaul involving Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws went into effect. While passed under the guise of preventing insurance fraud, the laws actually hurt those injured in a car accident and make it…


teen in a car

Before You Give Your ‘Teen’ the Keys to the Car

It is an exciting time for teenagers when they can finally grab those car keys and head out onto the open road, without parents. They are youthful and bubbly and thrilled with the prospect of being able to blast the radio, open the windows and feel a sense of independence. Their parents, meanwhile, are a…


Insurance After Accident

Know & Understand Your Insurance Policy

You bond with many things in your life — your dog, your spouse and your friends. You should also bond with your auto insurance policy. Yes, that’s right. Knowing your insurance policy and what you’re covered for in the event of a car accident on any of Florida’s roads — or if you’re involved in…