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3 Ways To Practice Safe Boating

While safety should be your first priority when you go out on the water — sadly, it is often the last —taking a back seat to the fun and thrills of being on the ocean or lake. Who wants to get bogged down with safety issues when it’s a free day without no work and all play?

The thing is, boating safety in Fort Lauderdale should always play a role during boating excursions. Not considering all the ways in which a boating accident can occur, it will also take away your fun … for good.

According to Florida’s Boating and Safety Education Program — boating accidents are most often caused by operator-error, such as carelessness and inattentiveness, navigation rule violations, poor choices during bad weather, inexperience and alcohol consumption.

So do yourself and your passengers a favor — remember these three safety tips before you head out on a boating trip:

  • Always Wear a Life Jacket – Yes, it will give you tan lines, but it will save your life and the lives of passengers should an accident occur. Nine out of 10 drowning victims may have survived a capsizing or fall overboard had they been wearing a life jacket.
  • Take a Boating Safety Course Formal boating education will prevent you from being another statistic and will teach you all the necessary basics of seamanship that you’ll need before you start that engine. Especially if you will be driving the boat, it is very important to understand all of the rules of the water.
  • Boat Sober Save that beer for when you’re back on land. Using alcohol is even more dangerous on the water because the marine environment accelerates impairment. In boating deaths attributed to alcohol use, over half of the victims capsized the boat or fell overboard.  Another reason to stay sober — boating while intoxicated (BUI), is illegal.

Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy the climate in South Florida. To keep your day on the water safe and sound, practice safe boating in Fort Lauderdale. The Florida Injury Law Group can assist you with a Ft Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney if you have been in a boating accident.

You wouldn’t drive on the interstate with a beer in your hand — and you shouldn’t on your boat, either.